Benefiting from a diverse childhood spent in both Europe and the United States, Fate Taylor brings a rich prospective to his career as a professional producer and song writer.

Fate’s Musical foundation was formed playing across central Europe and the United States. Later combined with degrees from Berklee and The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, Fate developed a multifaceted to production and writing. Fate delivers a contemporary, commercial, and genre crossing sound that is filled with emotionally connecting melodies and hooks.

Working with BEAUTIFUL NOISE PRODUCTIONS LLC, Fate Taylor writes, produces and records songs in the genres of pop, country, rock, and dance. Fate’s work has enjoyed national radio play and been included on many independent label releases. Additionally, Fate’s songs and productions have also been placed in films such as Miramax’s “Champagne Gang” and television shows such as “Kardashians” and “True Blood”. More recently, one of Fate’s songs was entered in Billboard’s 16th Annual World Song Contest and placed in the top one percent.

When not in the studio producing various independent artists, Fate is working with songwriters across the United States from New York to Los Angeles.